A Word from the Editor

Nov 9 2010

With the publication of this issue, Jos Journal of Humanities enters a new and exciting phase of existence which we hope will be enduring. There are three main reasons for my optimism.
Firstly, the concurrent publication of the online version of this issue moves us, albeit belatedly, into the digital age. We believe that our website www.josuga.org will soon emerge as one of the leading websites for the lively discussion and scholarly discourse on researches and opinions reflecting issues of interest to Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular. One major benefit is that the work and effort of our budding scholars will be available worldwide.
Secondly, the energetic support which we received from the Dean of the Faculty, Professor J. S. Illah helped tremendously in ensuring the compilation and publication of this new phase of the journal in both print and online versions. By consenting to assume the mantle of Editor-In-Chief/Publisher, and by making every effort to participate fully in our preparatory work, in spite of his busy schedule, we were able to achieve what had before now proven rather difficult.
Thirdly, the enthusiasm of the contributors to the journal from all over Nigeria was simply overwhelming. So many peer-reviewed articles are already waiting to be published in the 4th Quarter, 2010 issue. Please keep this support flowing, we must, together, ensure the regularity and longtime publication of this journal. We wish to assure both past and future contributors that our peer review mechanism is being fine-tuned to ensure prompt response and publication of your articles.
This issue contains a very rich variety of articles from several branches of the humanities. All articles published in this journal solely represent the views of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jos, nor that of the Editorial Committee.

DDY Garba,