A Vision of Contemporary Nigeria in Helon Habila’s Fictional Works

Nov 9 2010

Clement S. Chirman
Department of General Studies, Plateau State Polytechnic
Barkin Ladi

Post colonial literature in Africa has continued to engage itself in themes that are relevant to the continent’s socio-economic and political experience, thereby justifying the use of the literary pen beyond the limit of ‘art for art’s sake. This paper examines the role of literature as it continues to comment on post colonial issues in Nigeria; and to influence and reflect the course of history. Using Helon Habila’s Waiting for an Angel and Measuring Time, the paper explores the role of the Nigerian writer in the process of incendiary creation and thereby reveals the power in the writer’s artistry. The paper concludes that for the writer in Nigeria to continue to remain relevant, he must play the role of pathfinder to his society and help in nation building.

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