A Linguistic Stylistic Analysis of Selected Speeches of Maryam Abacha

Sep 28 2007

Priscilla Queen Kparevzua,
Department of English, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria.

An attempt is made to analyse some linguistic features in the selected speeches of Maryam Abacha. In doing this we are mindful of the linguistic theories as found in Enkvist (1971, 1978), Turner (1979), Hassan (1964), Darbyshire (1971), Crystal and Davy, (1980), Leech and Short (1981), Herdan (1956), Warburg (1978) and others.
The theory that style is a deviation from the norm (Hughes and Trudgill, 1979; Malla,1974) has been criticized just as the theory of style as the manifestation of the individual (Crystal and Davy, 1980). Other writers like Burke (1954) opine that style is found in good writing only.

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