Moliere’s Tartuffe as a Paradigm to Critique: ‘Pente- Rascalism’ in Nigeria

Nov 9 2010

Umaru Tsaku Hussaini
Department of Theatre and Film Arts, University of Jos

It is evident that Nigeria is seen as one of the most religious countries the world over. Yet, most religions in Nigeria are habitations of the good, the bad and the ugly. Many have become hypocrites all in the name of religion. Most of them live double lives. They assume one type of behaviour in the church and mosques and another outside. Today, religion has become the opium of the masses just as Karl Marx postulated. This means that many impostors in the church and mosque today take the advantage of this gullible followership. Churches and mosques are built everyday all in the name of soul winning and hope for the common man. Many poor Nigerians have resorted to fate and made worship places their second home believing that when men of God prophesy and pray for them, salvation is guarantee. Again, the socio-economic problems that have overwhelmed a section of the teeming populace of this country have caused many to hope for empowerment and economic stability when Pastors and Imams elevate their spirits in worship places. That has resulted into Sanctimonious hypocrisy which has become the order of the day. This way of life evident in the Nigeria of today is what the researcher tries to explore Using Moliere’s Tarttuffe as a paradigm.

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