A Socio-Ethical Analysis of Moses’ Leadership: Implications for Nigerian Christian Politicians

Nov 9 2010

Pic Onwochei
Department of Religious Studies, University of Jos

Although some have argued that religion has very little relevance, if any, in politics, recent studies have pointed to a somewhat significant role of religion, even African Traditional Religion, in contemporary Nigerian politics. However, we seem to be missing godly and effective leadership considering the fact that our society today is in dire need of godly leaders whose motivation for political leadership is that of pure service to humanity and the glory of God, not those who pay lip service to this issue. And in Nigeria, we need leaders who can, by their lives, actions and policies, facilitate some qualities in the average Nigerian to see, seek and pursue with patriotic zeal, all that it takes to build a nation we all can be proud of. Moses was one such leader whose religious inclinations, dispositions and commitment propelled to carry out governance in ways that were very beneficial to the led, and has remained an icon and a good example in the area of political leadership. It is in the light of this, therefore, that this paper attempts an ethical analysis of this man’s leadership. He has remained Israel’s greatest political and religious leader, a combination that is very difficult to find and, in his case, difficult to separate. This, to my mind, is desirable in the Nigerian nation; a nation judged to be one of the most religious in the world, yet seen as one of the most corrupt. To achieve this aim, this paper looks at the man Moses, preparations for his leadership role, the source of his leadership authority, his leadership style and its moral lessons for contemporary Nigerian politicians. It is noted that Moses’ leadership (with its ramifications) can be modelled to produce a better society. His positive leadership example, if modelled, can, with sufficient reinforcement, put us in the direction of what can become a positive way towards recovery in our hitherto complex and corruption ridden political environment.

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