Renewing the Face of Counterterrorism for Global Peace: The Challenges for Theatre Artists in Nigeria

Nov 9 2010

Charles U. Adora
Department of Theatre Arts
Kogi State University, Kogi State, Nigeria

It has been observed that terrorism is the deadliest and most persistent enemy of global peace today. The lesson of history shows that all over the world, individuals, groups, organizations, and countries have responded and are still doing so either singularly or collectively to check terrorist activities. This paper inquires into terrorism and counterterrorism policies and the challenges for theatre artists in Nigeria. In the process, the empirical research methodology is applied and recommendations offered. The findings show that military intervention is an item of counterterrorism policies. And that was a stated justification for retaliation from the terrorists. Consequently, it provokes a circular flow of violence that hampers the actualization of global peace. Alternatively, the paper presupposes a new face of
counterterrorism involving the application of all theatrical media for awareness creations, re-education, reorientation of public opinion and renewed sentiments of peace. It concludes that the challenge for theatre artists is to join forces with the rest of humanity to direct the minds of men, women and children in Nigeria and the rest of the world along the right path of global peace.

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