Towards an Improved Political Participation by Nigerian Women: an Evaluation of Irene Salami’s More Than Dancing

Nov 9 2010

Tse Andera Paul
Department Of Theatre Arts, College Of Education

The Nigerian nation will clock fifty years of political independence in the next few months. What has the nation achieved so far? What and who are responsible for Nigeria’s stagnation? What does Nigeria and Nigerians need to do to better her lot? In an attempt to answer all these questions, this paper will attempt to analyse Irene Salami’s More than Dancing to educate Nigerians to have a change of attitude towards women and, also, give them a chance to rule since the men who have ruled in the last fifty years have failed to lead Nigeria to the path of greatness. Rather, men have created an avenue for poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and corruption to grow with every passing day. The paper intends to identify the factors that usually militate against women participation in politics and also proffer suggestions that could help women to overcome these obstacles.

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