The Dearth of Indigenous Literature: Implications for the Teaching and Practice of Mass Communication in Nigeria

Nov 9 2010

Godfrey Danaan
Department of Mass Communication, University of Jos

Mass Communication has become so attractive to many candidates seeking admission into Nigerian universities and other specialized media institutions. It now replaces the traditional courses in the humanities, social sciences and the liberal arts, the pool from which media practitioners were drawn over the years. Not many universities run the course at undergraduate and postgraduate levels due to dearth of
indigenous literature, training equipment and manpower. This paper examines Mass Communication programme in Nigerian universities and the constraints of book supply and access for research purposes leading to professional practice. Using two theories upon which scholarly debate is predicated, the study reveals that the industry still survives on borrowed concept and until indigenous writers with professional and intellectual competence emerge, there would be no remedy for the dearth of literature in Mass Communication.

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