Constitutional Democracy and the Plurality of Elites in Nigeria

Nov 9 2010

Alexander Jang Madugu
Department of History and International Studies
University of Jos

The number one political problem in Nigeria today is how to built and sustain democratic culture and institutions. The country’s constitutional history and the contradiction and engagements of the post-colonial era have precipitated deep political fault lines and congealed interests on both sides of the political divide. This paper believes that Nigeria’s past had been squandered, the present mortgaged and the future so uncertain that politics could no longer be taken for granted. Consequently, there is the need for a re-negotiation and re-compacting of relations between the power elites and the people. Therefore, there is the need for all to be fully involved in the process of remaking the constitution in order to ensure that those issues that affect the people and their communities are not trivialized or relegated to the dustbin of political decision making. The methodology employed in the study is narrative, descriptive and analytical.
Keywords: Constitution/Democracy/Elites/Plurality.

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